At Minority Rights Group we define discrimination as unfair and unequal treatment which individuals and groups may experience due to their personal characteristics such as faith, religion, gender, race, language, ethnicity, caste, creed, colour, disability, and sexual orientation.

Any decision to not provide a service (i.e. health), award a job, grant a loan, or any judgment made on the basis of such characteristics rather than merit, eligibility, or individual behaviour, must be considered as discriminatory (unless it concerns measure expressly designed to make those currently excluded more able to participate in society and benefit more fully). Other than discriminatory decision making, other forms of discrimination in day-to-day life may include online and offline hate speech, racial and religious slurs, insults, insulting gestures, psychological abuse, physical attacks, theft, and threats.


This survey aims to capture the experiences of people living in Pakistan who have suffered or witnessed any form of discrimination. The information gathered will be used anonymously to supply evidence to decision-makers in Pakistan, to help them address the problems raised. It will also be used to share knowledge with other organizations that fight discrimination on different grounds.

You do not need to complete the whole questionnaire to submit your report and you should only answer as many questions as you feel comfortable with. We greatly value your contribution and all the information you decide to share will help us achieve this goal.

While we are unable to intervene directly on individual cases, we can put you in contact with organizations that do so. You will find a list of organizations at the end of this questionnaire.